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Our Projects

With our research projects, we aim to design and develop accessible technologies for sign language users. Our goal is to also shed awareness on the need and importance of equality in technology use.

Our Apps

With our apps, we aim to deliver usable and accessible solutions that incorporate sign language alphabets and sign language for educational and social purposes.  Our goal is to also make communication possible between sign language and spoken language users.

Our e-Shop

Visit our e-shop to purchase your own sign language apparel. You can find apparel items for man, woman and child, as well as other accessories. All apparel and accessories have been designed by Connect Deaf.

Getting a sign language logo can contribute towards your corporate social responsibility and brand. International Week of the Deaf is one good opportunity to use your sign language logo.


Hi thank you so much to the developers, as the initiative helps a lot to all, but I would like to know if there is a forecast for the inclusion of the alphabet of LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language). Because even with most of the signs similar to those used in Brazil, others however change a little. Again I thank everyone involved. My big hug

Adriano Bezerra


I liked the App but I ask the developers to allow the sharing messages with social networks: WhatsApp mainly because it is widely used by the deaf and the communication in video sometimes you can’t see the bad internet signal.Think about it would be 10 the App.

Laslley Freitas



Gabor Matei


I love this app. It’s VERY helpful.

Google Play User

Very good, I just would have liked it to work for WhatsApp.

Google Play User



Anasoilll Pink

Great app. Any plans for adding Mexican Sign Language (LSM)?

Samuel Chavarria



Michelle D. Pailet

It’s very good!! Just missing for WhatsApp..

Bryza Posadas Alonso


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