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Make your website more accessible

Enable accessibility features and functions on your website to meet the diverse needs of your users. Offer them customization options to meet those needs. We offer a seamless integration of an accessibility widget with your website’s design.

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Main Features

  • Adjust the contrast of all site elements and backgrounds.
  • Activate Dyslexia Friendly Font for a more fluid reading experience.
  • Convert the cursor into a high contrast horizontal reading guide to reduce eye strain.
  • Highlight clickable items for better usability, easier navigation, and overall accessibility
  • Display alternative text and aria labels for on-screen elements with simple mouse hover.
  • Increase text size and modify text and line spacing for a more accessible reading experience.
  • Align site texts left, right or center for a personalized and more accessible reading experience.
  • Pause and stop animations, blinking, and flashing content that distracts and may trigger seizures.
  • Increase line height to ensure more comfortable spacing for more fluid interaction with on-site texts. Increase standard cursor size to ensure the pointer always remains in sight to support faster and more accessible navigation.

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