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50% of profits
go back to
the school!

How it Works

There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed pupils in a competition. The student who comes first receives $75, the student who comes second receives $50 and the student who comes third receives $25. The 1st placed design is the one that will be printed on a hoodie and featured in our e-store.


Connect Deaf - Contents, 1st prize


Connect Deaf - Contents, 2nd prize


Connect Deaf - Contents, 3rd prize


Percentage of profits goes to your school

Your school will receive 50% from any profit sales of the hoodie.  That is the hoodie that will have the winning design from your own school competition.

Connect Deaf - Contest, 1st prize

We will print
your design

Schools with Deaf pupils are invited to contact us about organising their own hoodie design competition. Have your pupils participate in the competition, with the winning design being printed on a hoodie and featured in our e-store. The hoodie will then be available for purchase from our e-store.

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